Program Structures

Zoom-In Zoom-Out offers a flexible range of cross-cultural filmmaking programs and workshops in order to provide the most meaningful experience for each given context.

Whether a two-hour workshop or a season-long program, the goal is the same:
  to build connections through the creative and collaborative 
enjoyment of making films.

Each experience results in a portfolio of film projects made entirely by the students, and 
can include peer-driven critiques and discussions, group presentations, public or 
private screenings, additional art + design work, and so much more.
One-Day  Workshops
Starting from two-hour options, these short-term filmmaking workshops focus on quick and fun
 engagement through various forms of collective problem-solving.  Working within greater 
time constraints encourages greater intuitive decision-making and adaptability.
From $190
Shorter  Workshops
From two-day workshops to five-day workshops and everything in between, these experiences 
stoke more cultural curiosities through deeper dialogue, and lead to a wider range of 
 discoveries throughout the movie-making process.  More time is allocated to 
story-building, filming, discussing and reflecting.
From $470
* Two-day and three-day workshops are recommended *
Longer  Workshops
More projects wrapped into the curriculum resulting in an even greater exploration of each other's
 perspectives, the cinematic medium, and a more complete artistic portfolio for each student.
These programs range anywhere from a full week to a full semester.
From $1,350

Summer Workshops
Summer workshops invite children and youth to discover the excitement of cross-cultural filmmaking
in unique and inspiring environments.​​​​​​​

For further inquiries about workshop structures and pricing, please contact.
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